A Glass Half Full?

A Glass Half Full?
Photo by Vasile Tiplea / Unsplash

Woke up with words in my head. It seemed like a cool thing to wake up before the rest of the world and post something.

Midlife sucks. I didn't get that red Ducati and break a leg (yet). The whole safeness and stillness makes me wonder what I can do to make it better for me and my mates who are going through similar traits.

Reflecting on some of the great moments seems to help. Here are a few of mine.

  • Working for a startup in Silicon Valley.
  • Driving down to LA in a Pontiac Grand Am.
  • Walking around NYC and Ellis Island and later migrating myself.
  • Hanging out in Sonoma Valley, Santa Monica Beach and trying to rollerblade in Stanford University.
  • Working in a boatyard and cycling on the beach in Jacksonville Florida.
  • Flying up to Sydney for an office Christmas party in 3 private jets, lunch, champagne on a yacht then walking past a Bon Jovi concert to see Kevin Hart live.
  • Driving almost anywhere in the Sri Lankan countryside before the highways.
  • Managing a band 👽.
  • Working in Southport Queensland overlooking the bay and sea.
  • Standing in a safari park in Kenya overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro.

I'm not flexing. I've saved the best for myself. I've always had enough to get by, a big family, a small set of friends, kids who don't hate me and the love of my life who thinks I'm wrong challenges me.

Life can't get much better than this. I have so much love and ideas to fill the rest of my life. Hold that top up, my glass is full.

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