A Streaming Guide

A Streaming Guide
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It's a great time to be streaming content. Gone are the days of shopping in malls for DVDs or making a trip to a Blockbuster video store. With a decent internet connection you can stream almost any TV show or movie.

JustWatch is a streaming service aggregator that you can use to find out which TV shows and movies are available on each platform. You can filter by the services you use and keep a watch list on the site.

Netflix is the granddaddy of the streaming services. In recent years it has lost its way and they don't have new movies anymore. They are better at TV shows and they make half decent movies themselves as well.

Disney+ is pretty good for the price. It has the StarWars, Marvel, Pixar and the full Disney catalog. If you like re-watching great movies Disney is a  good choice.

Prime Video was a bit of an underdog. You have it with your Amazon Prime subscription, but you didn't really take it seriously. They are getting better. Prime has channels which allows you to subscribe to other services like Paramount+, MGM and DOCPLAY. Paramount+ has new Star Trek content so it's on my list.

With Prime you also get early access to new movies that you can rent or buy separately like Google Play or Apple TV+.

These are just a few services I use. There are many more around. As with anything it's easy to go down a rabbit hole and waste a lot of time on entertainment. Be smart and stream what you want when you want and pause or cancel services you are not actively using.

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