Back to basics computing

Back to basics computing
Photo by Sebastian Bednarek / Unsplash

My main computer is a 27-inch Intel iMac. It's probably one of the last Intel-based Macs Apple will make until they move to ARM-based chips.

I bought it because I didn't want to deal with the Apple chip transition for apps and tools over the next few years. It's serving me well. It's pretty fast and macOS gets out of my way so I can just focus on what I'm doing.

I've been on macs for over a decade now and I feel I'm missing out on the rest of the computing space by just sticking to macOS. Moving forward I want to diversify platforms and devices without sacrificing too much of the simplicity that I'm used to.

This is my thinking about what would happen by the time I retire this iMac;

  • Get a decent monitor and KVM
  • Move back to wired keyboard and mouse
  • Dip into the whole mechanical keyboard thing
  • Get a couple of Intel NUCs for Windows and Linux
  • Get a mac mini and air
  • Couple of docks and stands to make the ports reachable
  • Hoards of minion single board computers and microcontrollers running all sorts of automation

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