Bring back a slower indie web

Bring back a slower indie web
Photo by Robin Wersich / Unsplash

The Internet brings us closer together, helps us work remotely and entertains us. We only unplug as we sleep, unless of course you are tracking our sleep in the cloud.

We need a slower internet that is made up of communities and individuals who respect each other and the resources of this planet. We need to be kind and choose humanity over profit.

The internet network looks like it's breaking up by borders and cultural values. It was an idealistic dream but the reality is we are fragmented and the network might reflect that in the near future.

The flip side of big tech is the indie web. Smaller focused communities working on things that matter to them.

  • People sharing everything they know and setting up digital gardens that reflect their interest.
  • Developers and marketers are building bootstrapped software and services to serve small niche markets that others don't find profitable.
  • Teaching through books and courses.

I like this movement and I follow it because it's far better than scrolling a generated feed that keeps me hooked onto one platform.

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