A Chat with Isura Silva About AI and the Value of Lifelong Learning

A Chat with Isura Silva About AI and the Value of Lifelong Learning
Background photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

Isura Silva is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur and the founder of aucterra. We talk about AI and the value of lifelong learning.

Isura and I have been chatting on twitter for a long time and we have quite similar ideas when it comes to blog posts.

aucterra has implemented a low code SaaS platform to build AI based apps. It's in private beta at the moment but I'm sure Isura will share more details with us when it goes public.

Show Notes

We still need smart people to harness the power of AI. There seems to be a gap of understanding in the community about AI and machine learning. People are skeptical about adoption.

Digital agencies and web site builders have changed their strategy to social media. Now anyone can build a website using no code tools and content management systems like WordPress.

Using machine learning models are more accessible to software developers.

Technology translators or consultants have a responsibility to help with the AI transition.

The education system needs to be updated to keep up with the times.

We need to cut through information overload to find solutions.

You can now connect to almost anyone using LinkedIn and using Coursera you can learn almost anything.

Welcome - Ram Charan on Coaching High Potentials Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com

Education is free but we have to pay attention.
-- Isura

How to keep learning. Do you need a MBA? Can we learn the basics from online courses?

Isura relearned money with Unshakeable | by Tony Robbins

We talk about my last post about supermarkets vs small shops.

I mention Amazon Books Store

The pandemic accelerated online deliveries in Sri Lanka. How the world is coping with COVID.

Isura misses doing Google Ventures in-person workshops. zoom ones are not the same.

How working from home freed up my time to start a blog and podcast. I reflect on how I'm trying to tell the Sri Lankan story.

We talk about extraversion and introversion and how we operate.

Thanks again to Isura for his insights and support. To be continued 👋.

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