Derek Sivers is an Amazing Human Being

Derek is a modern day philosopher and the founder of CD Baby. He had a lot of interesting jobs including working for a circus.

Derek Sivers is an Amazing Human Being
Photo by Lance Anderson / Unsplash

Derek initially built a website to sell his band's CDs. Then more and more friends asked him to sell their CDs. It grew from there to become CD Baby which is now a music distribution company.

Derek drew from his previous experiences and gave his business a human touch.

One day though he realised he was done and decided to sell CD Baby. He then went on to convert the 22m sale to a charity to support musicians because he really didn't need that money.

I mean who does that? He now writes and talks about his journey. His insights are amazing and unique.

One of my favourite stories read by him is about Captain T. I recommend listening to him tell the story. It reminds me how my band used to hangout outside radio stations to get our music played on air.

Little things make all the difference is about customer service and how they shipped little extra things with the CDs that made a huge impact.

Obvious to you. Amazing to others is probably one of the reasons this blog exists.

Here is him telling us to keep our goals to ourselves.

Take your time and go through his blog, books, talks and podcast. There is a wealth of knowledge to explore and learn from.

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