Digital Dropouts

Digital Dropouts
Photo by Kym Ellis / Unsplash

I'm noticing a worrying trend in the modern world. You seem to need a minimum 2 things to survive it.

  1. A relatively modern smartphone
  2. and a Facebook account

With every shop and your shared ride wanting you to check-in with a QR code good luck sporting your retro flip phone and your less-connected lifestyle. Vaccine certificates are digital as well. If your battery is dead you can't get into a restaurant anymore.

The barber shop near by only does bookings through Facebook and no walk-ins. Basically no Facebook no haircut. Plus there are so many small businesses that only exist on Facebook and don't even show up on another search engine.

There are many generations of folks who are not in this hyper connected world and there are others who choose to use these modern distractions lightly or not at all. I fear by assuming everyone is on the latest digital trends we are leaving some people behind.

Let's keep things accessible to everyone.

I Hate My Smartphone |

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