How my wonderful blog posts end up in mail bins

I was wondering why my subscribers don't visit the site often. When I publish a post I was expecting at least a few to click the email link through.

How my wonderful blog posts end up in mail bins
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Since I don't have comments I asked a few personally. Here is a summary of the responses.

  1. I read the email title and delete what I don't like (harsh)
  2. I read the post email and delete it
  3. I read the email. Is there a reason to visit the site?

Turns out they treat my blog posts as a newsletter 🙂. I can't blame them, one of Ghost's main features is to email the posts to subscribers so it does make sense. It just skews my view of who is reading it.

From that feedback what I thought is I'll send out a monthly or so post with post summaries and other links to tempt subscribers to visit the site, or not, or to delete that mail as well 🔥.

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