Keep a Sparkfile

Keep a Sparkfile
Photo by Jez Timms / Unsplash

A Sparkfile is a bit of an old concept that has been quite useful for me over the years. It's basically a notes file about a topic that you keep adding and building upon.

The original rules are

  • Keep it unformatted
  • Add to the bottom
  • Don't change the past
  • Review for patterns and inspiration
  • Remix past to come up with the future

Simple enough right?

Use it for anything

  • Garden ideas
  • Blog posts
  • Travel ideas (someday)
  • Side projects that you never complete 🤭

Go your own way

I've kept one in the Bear app for a few years. I tend to review, edit, format and add to it every so often. Everything is very brief so its packed with ideas I can work on.

Try it out. Start with one and make a few by topic. Use paper or any notes application you have access to.


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