Keep Moving

I worked overseas for a few stints and moved out of Sri Lanka. That was the best decision I've made so far in my life. It's not easy, and there is no place like home, but sometimes you need to move to understand what works for you.

Keep Moving
Photo by Chris Briggs / Unsplash

If I look back, the more I moved, the more I grew and broadened my views. These ideas allowed me to settle somewhere where my values aligned.

I'm settled now, but I know I can live more by moving again. This is unsettling for some and exciting for others.

Sri Lankans are more grounded. We stick to one job for a lifetime or never leave our hometowns. When I look at other cultures, I see they move near to work or their ideal lifestyle. I want to borrow some of those ideas. I don't have a fixed culture. I can adopt what is likely to propel me and my family to a better place.

I know a lot of Sri Lankans are thinking of migrating these days due to the economic crisis. We have been moving for decades. It's fair to say that most Sri Lankans who moved are doing better.

Moving doesn't mean you are abandoning your country. In the short term you might be even contributing to the economy.

The brain drain is a real issue but there are other ways we can give back. If you can move at least explore what the world has to offer. If it's not for you you can always come back.

If you can't get to a popular destination, find another little corner of the world that you can make yours.

Good luck!

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