Introducing Dils Podcast

Introducing Dils Podcast
Photo by Will Francis / Unsplash

Well well, look who's talking now! I originally called it Dilantha In Da House but renamed it back to the Dils Podcast after some harsh feedback πŸ˜†

I do not know what I'm doing. It took me about 20 mins to record and another 4 hours to re-learn audio editing. It's sounds a bit rough but that's the point.

I'm just jamming and trying out new things, you should too. We talk about how I'm starting to record, the pandemic and the idea of the day.

Start before you are ready.

I was excited for the first one but publishing 2 at a time won't be possible going forward as it takes too much time to edit. I will do my best to keep the notes updated so that most people can follow along.


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