Moving Jobs in the Pandemic

Moving Jobs in the Pandemic
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros / Unsplash

I've moved jobs in the last few weeks. It was a very strange move considering we were in lock-down. There was no grand send off and joining the new place hasn't really set in yet.

It felt like logging out of one set of apps and logging into another. We had many video calls but it's hard to get to know people that way.

Deciding to move in a matter of days was tough. I was comfortable in my role. I was pretty good at what I was doing in a niche domain. Most people I knew didn't want to move in the pandemic. It felt risky.

Then I flipped those thoughts;

  • I was too comfortable.
  • I had a chance to work in a whole new field.
  • If no one was moving maybe I should.

Then I reflected on the past ... (or basically went on an ego trip to pump myself up)

I started off building the some of the first websites in Sri Lanka, made frontends for WAP phones and ended up in silicon valley for a bit. I've worked with amazing people, learned programming languages, systems and reinvented myself multiple times. Why stop now?

Opportunities like this don't come that often, so ... I took the leap!


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