My negative start with the Apple AirPod Pros

My negative start with the Apple AirPod Pros
Photo by John Smit / Unsplash

How it started

I've used over-the-ear headphones for ages but they can be a pain to switch devices. The Bose QC 35s can connect to 2 devices at a time but now I have too many devices I wanted a better way.

The switch

I figured ok let me try wireless earbuds. I mean they have been around for some years now and people don't think you are a dork for wearing them anymore.

I bought a cheap pair of SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2s and hoped for the best. It worked out well for calls, meetings and podcasts. Basically anything voice, it wasn't so great for music or using outdoors.

How it's going

Now that I've got into earbuds I needed the magical device switching. I figured I'll start low and get the generation 2 AirPods and upgrade from there. I asked around and checked some reviews and the conclusion was I needed to go for the generation 3 or Pros.

Given the small price difference between the generation 3 and pros, I went for the pro.

I popped into a local tech store and picked them up. It was cheaper on Amazon but I want the local store to be around as well. I miss Fry's, that was a good store.

Troubled waters

From the start I wasn't too impressed with the sound of the AirPod Pros. Sometimes I would get a rattle on one side and it would stop picking up my voice in calls. I thought it was a Bluetooth issue and kept reconnecting them.

Also, the magical handover wasn't smooth at all. Although it switched between macs, I had to constantly go to bluetooth settings and tap it to connect to my phone.

I was quite disappointed and felt something has to be wrong. After another few weeks, I realised that my free AppleCare will run out soon, so I took it into the store to get it checked.

I hadn't been to an Apple store over the last few years due to COVID. It was crowded but they got to me in about 10mins. It turned out both sides had audio issues (probably from the factory) so they replaced them 😅.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Well now I must say they sound good. The noise cancellation is about half of what I'm used to one the Bose QC35 and the handover is magical as promised ✨.

Some key takeaways from this experience were;

  • Given the limited noise cancellation I should have gone for the AirPod 3s.
  • If you buy anything and you think something is wrong take them back ASAP.
  • I still prefer my over-ear headphones for music.
  • For all-day calls and meetings the AirPods Pros are pretty convenient.

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