Seasonal Subscriptions

Seasonal Subscriptions
Photo by freestocks / Unsplash

I’m experimenting with seasonal subscriptions. Companies love subscriptions. It makes their revenue predictable and sometimes we forget to cancel which is a bonus for them.

I have also noticed that I tend to use a service like Netflix more since I'm paying for it. Which is not the way I want to look at this.

By using each service in seasons I can batch together usage and save some money over the long run. For example having Netflix on over holidays might make more sense.

I use Setapp in a similar way. When I get some free time every few months I turn it on and clean up my Macs etc. I also use it to trial and buy apps that I want to use for the longer term.

One month I tried out the Medium membership. I know a friend who turns on Adobe Creative Suite when he needs it a few months a year.

You can use the same concept for newsletters and podcasts as well. See if seasonal subscriptions work for you.

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