Sunday Papers

Sunday Papers
Photo by Ashni / Unsplash

Sunday's used to be nice and chill growing up. We used to go to church in the morning, meet friends and grab some breakfast on the way home.

As I got older I dropped off quite a bit but my father continued to go and without fail bring the Sunday papers home.

He used to catch up on the war and politics and I'd go for the glamour section to get some idea about the weekend events. When my band was performing on TNL onstage it was exciting to see if we made the paper.

Next were job ads because online job boards weren't invented yet. The ads were proportional in size to the title and salary of the job. 😀

Then it was business news and stock movements for me. We didn't have real-time stock feeds or smartphones back in the day kids. This was my only weekly update.

I miss the Sunday papers. I miss my father and the chats we had. I haven't seen my family in 2 years due to the pandemic.

When I do make it back one Sunday. I'll get him the papers and we will have another chat about it. I'm sure he will like that.

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