Sunsetting Almost Everything

Sunsetting Almost Everything
Photo by Nick Scheerbart / Unsplash

That sounds heavy but it's going to be good thing. Hear me out.

Personally I think the blog was a good start. I managed to publish a few posts that got some interesting reactions. Writing here has helped me figure out the shape of things to come.

The monetization hasn't been great. That's kind of the way things work. Given more content and traffic it might have been sustainable.

The plan is to migrate the content from Ghost to Eleventy. Eleventy will simplify my setup and minimize the hosting cost until there is a need to bring in something more.

Dils Podcast has stalled and I'll keep it that way until I can figure out a better workflow for it. I loved the interviews but I didn't like the solo episodes and post production.

Thank you for following and encouraging me to keep going. This is not the end. ✌🏻

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