The Sri Lankan Dream

The Sri Lankan Dream
Photo by Javier Saint Jean / Unsplash

Things are quite bleak at the moment in Sri Lanka. Years of neglect, mismanagement and incompetence has lead to the current state of play. Many are (rightly so) considering leaving given the first opportunity. Then there are a handful of people who see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm not here to pile on the blame, there is plenty of that going around. I want to offer some hope.

Look around and understand how we got here. What can we do to avoid getting to this place again.

Moving out maybe a way out, but it depends on many factors. If you are young it might work out better than when you are older. Whatever you have in LKR may not carry much weight overseas and you will have to start from scratch and spend a decade getting back on track.

Every crisis presents a series of opportunities. If you are smart and able to capture those you might make it through this phase and also help the community at large.

Band together at a grassroots level and find solutions. Nobody knows you need help, if you have a plan, share it and ask for help.

If you are an expat you know what you can bring back to the island. You know the resources we have and how resilient our people are. If you ever were going to do something to help your motherland this is probably one of the best times to help.

It's easier for me to say this from afar but keep the faith.


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