The Sri Lankan Revolution 2.0

The Sri Lankan Revolution 2.0
Photo credit: Nazly Ahmed. Galle Face Colombo.

Rock Bottom

Sri Lanka is facing its worse economic crisis since our independence in 1948. Access to cooking gas, fuel, milk food and medical supplies are low. People are in queues for hours at a time to get basic needs. Up to 5 people have died in queues due to various medical conditions.

Inflation is close to 30% so most families are not able to put food on the table.

Combined with those are the power cuts. Since the rains were late we don’t have enough diesel to have power 24x7. People suffered through almost 8 hours of unpredictable power cuts.

No gas and no electricity means falling back to wood stoves, which is not  accessible to most city folk.

Years of mismanagement and corruption has led to this situation. The politicians have lost their connection with the people. They are ignorant to their pain.

The Rise of the People

Out of desperation the people started taking to the streets. History is being made here.

These protests are decentralized and nonviolent in nature. People have come together in a historical way recognizing their differences were used to keep them down. The expatriate community has also stepped in.

The people are asking the current regime to step down. They want new leadership and new ideas. They don't want recycled players who have clearly failed them.

There is a sense of pride and beauty in the protests. The radicals are joined with professionals, families and their dogs.

We have been through a lot but our people will never starve to death. We take care of each other, that is our strength. We were silent for too long against oppression and corruption. That was our weakness. We are making a hell of a comeback from that.

The political machine is throwing all their old tricks to get their social acceptance back only to be taken down by a handful of smart young tech savvy citizens.

Sometimes it's hard to watch the sheer desperation on both sides. One side clinging to power and the other side fighting to survive and stand for what is right.

Melbourne Protests


Find a way to help someone in need. If you feel safe visit Sri Lanka and see what we are fighting for. There are still people who think the protests are in vain.

Speak up and stand on the right side of history.


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