Trying out vlang

Trying out vlang
Hello world borrowed from the vlang website

V looks interesting. It claims to be lighter than Go and has a cross platform UI library to boot. It's still pre v1 so using it for production work might not be a good idea at the moment.

To install you could download the build it for your OS.

I went for the installation from source as recommended in the docs.

git clone
cd v
# HINT: Using Windows?: run make.bat in the cmd.exe shell

That went quite quick. You need a C compiler to build it. You can optionally run the checks and install it next.

make check
sudo ./v symlink

It's impressive that they have 2048 and Tetris working on around 1000 lines of code. You can find them in the examples/2048 and examples/tetris folders.

You can run them and most other examples like this

v run examples/2048
v run examples/tetris
I need practice

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